Chris Johnson Pottery specializes in Cone 10 Gas Reduction stoneware dishes. Each dish is handmade one-at-a-time by Chris, fired at 2,350º, and is lead-free, dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe.    


In July of 2015, Otter Woods Pottery officially closed. The home, property and studio were sold to a new buyer. We have relocated the studio to Gig Harbor, WA and are sharing space with two other potters. 


Chris Johnson Pottery is all made by Chris Johnson in his studio. Though pieces match and are thrown to be uniform and consistent, no two are alike. Glaze, shape and texture differences are not flaws; rather they are just part of the process of making handmade.

Pottery Care:

Pre-heat and pre-chill your pottery. Thermal shock will break your pottery. Taking a frozen cup from the freezer and filling it with a piping hot beverage will break your cup. Placing a piece of frozen bacon on your plate and cooking it on high in the microwave will break your plate.  An uneven heating surface will cause breaks and cracks in any piece.